Akan Day Names and their Hidden Meanings


When you do realise, it undoubtedly feels refreshing to find out that your Akan Day Name was not just given! There is meaning behind your Ghanaian names...

In the typical African culture, you can tell quite a lot about the circumstances of someone’s birth from their given names.  Hence, an agelong tradition with the Akan people of Ghana naming their children after the day of the week they were born. I know your heart just skipped a beat. No, a child isn’t named Wednesday or Tuesday. However, children are named according to their Akan heritage, the traditional names of the days of the week before the entire advent of westernization. These names were derivatives of the deities worshipped by ancient Akan people and the deities corresponding day of worship.  As you will learn after reading this piece, Akan day names often depict deeper meanings into a person’s character and general nature.


Interestingly, the Akans who make up approximately 47% of Ghana’s population,  and are the biggest ethnic group in the country, these names are non-negotiable except in extremely limited cases. The general belief is that the day name also known as “kradin” or “soul name” can affect the child’s future and fate. Indeed, nothing feels more personal than knowing that your name was well thought out from the ancients, with deep and significant meaning. Just hang on while we take you on this jolly ride of Akan Day names and their meanings, and the personality traits of the individuals who bear these names!


Sunday Born:

Female- Akosua, Esi

Male- Kwasi, Kwesi


Most Common trait(s)- They are noted for their strength and agility.

Personality- Sunday born females are principled, they often say things as it is, they are fearless and may border on the edge of arrogance because they do not mince their words when stating their opinions on a subject. Beneath the hard exterior, however, Sunday born females can be delightfully warm and fun to be around when you get to know them.

Sunday born males are also vibrant characters as they are depicted by their core character trait they have the strength and are often resilient when pursuing new ventures. Sunday born males can be sensitive people which, can make them overreact in some situations. However, beneath all their sensitivity, you will find happy, passionate souls.


Monday Born:

Female- Adwoa, Adjoa

Male- Kwadwo, Kojo


Most common trait(s)- They are peaceful, they promote and love unity.

Personality- Monday born females love to have fun and are full of life. They have an inherent ability to put people’s interests above their own as they love to care for others. Being peaceful people, they love to see justice done where there is perceived injustice, and they can because of their over caring nature be stubborn and persistent.

Monday born males are sensitive at heart and emotional. They are dynamic individuals which, makes them open to hearing ideas from people. They are the perfect type of people to hear unbiased opinions from. Though they can be emotional, they also love fun times and can be generous.


Tuesday Born:

Female- Abena, Araba

Male- Kwabena, Kobena


Most common trait(s)- They are warm and very friendly.

Personality- Tuesday born females are fierce and very inquisitive by nature. They are the ones to go into a room and strike up a conversation because they would like to get to know you. They are full of life and often take each stride of life confidently. Yes, they are super fun people!

Tuesday born males can be super sensitive, they are also friendly and truly love to show love to others. They sometimes can be impulsive when making decisions and because they love to have people around, they are family-oriented people.


Wednesday Born:

Female- Akua, Ekua

Male- Kwaku, Kweku


Most common trait(s)- They are often aloof and can be stubborn.

Personality- Wednesday born females are calm and cool people that can be described as proud, even though they can be very emotional at heart. They are goal-getters and do not waste time in pursuing their goals. They do not allow themselves to be vulnerable and often refrain from allowing others to see them at their low points.

A Kweku on the other hand, may be more timid and may take more time to warm up to others. They are very cautious and weigh in on decisions heavily before making them.


Thursday Born:

Female- Yaa, Aba

Male- Yaw, Ekow


Most common trait(s)- They are brave and are result-oriented.

Personality- A Yaa is your average happy girl, the one who has got jokes for days. She loves to address issues diplomatically and can be very cool-headed when faced with dicey situations. If she sees that the end goal of a particular venture favours everyone, she stops at nothing to pursue those goals.

A Yaw is that outgoing charismatic guy that fits into just any kind of crowd. They may appear to be overconfident because they rarely commit themselves to relationships. Yet, you cannot take away their innate ability to be the fun at any gathering.


Friday Born:

Female- Afua, Efua

Male- Kofi, Fiifi


Most common trait(s)- They are the nomadic ones, able to move on from people and situations without a backward glance.

Personality- Friday born females have an uncommon love for life. Not only are they intelligent, but they can also be very disciplined when it comes to navigating life and setting goals. Your Kofi is a smart and ambitious guy who can prove to be a difficult person to figure out. His ability to pay attention to multiple things sets him apart from others and makes him an interesting learner.


Saturday Born:

Female- Ama, Amma

Male- Kwame, Kwamena


Most common trait(s)- They are tenacious, and yet can be graceful

Personality- Your Ama is 100% about helping others and can be very humane. You often find her willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. She is very selfless and is one to believe in only the positives about others. Your Ama may appear out of touch with reality because they sometimes see what they want to believe in others and not what the true nature of that person is.

A Kwame is straightforward. He is steadfast in his ability to pick a cause and remain dedicated to it. He is very focused and may come off as abrasive. They often hold on to traditional beliefs and can be very disciplined.


So, these are the Akan day names and their connotations! It is interesting to find out if you can relate one or more of these behaviour traits to someone you know. Looking to invest in a gift for yourself, or a Kwame or Yaa you know? Check out our Akan day name coffee mugs collection!

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